The CEO of Verizon, Lowell McAdam, is making no secret of it. They are officially in cahoots with Google developing what they hope will be the iPad killer.

As an aside, the blossoming Verizon-Google alliance juxtaposed against Apple's five year marriage with AT&T (that must be one hell of a pre-nup) just gets more interesting, doesn't it? Somewhere in all of this is a Godfather or World War II analogy (I'm not sure who's Germany or England. But, T-Mobile is definitely Belgium).

Oops! I digress! Back to the iPad.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, McAdam offered no timeline of when we might see a tablet; just that its in the works.

That's okay! Apple and AT&T got a huge start out of the gate with the iPhone and, as reported earlier this week, Android has officially leapfrogged them in sales as of the first quarter of 2010.

So playing the "what if" game (more like the "when, not if" game, if you ask me), here's why I think an Android tablet would rock the iPad:

1.  Apple may have more apps. But, Google has more well-known apps (G-mail, Docs & Spreadsheets, Google Calendar, Google Earth, etc.) that bajillions of people all use and not just individually - but, as corporate tools.

2. Google will be opening its eBook store this summer with about 500,000 titles from day one (which is about what Amazon and Apple have, by the way).

3. A Droid tablet will be more like a tablet computer and less of an over-sized, souped up iPod Touch.

4. For all the same reasons the Droid is shaking up the iPhone; touch screen tablets will wage the same war just on another battlefield. Google's Android is making headway because its available on multiple brands of devices and with multiple carriers. Apple let's you use AT&T, AT&T or AT&T on their hardware. Period.

5. Who's more business oriented? Do you really see the UPS man having you sign for a package on his iPad? Hmmm... But, I bet you can see doing it on an Android pad. I can. I can see the UPS man using a mashup app between Google maps and his delivery route data, even Google calendars.

What would be even more interesting to me would be Research in Motion coming up with a Blackberry tablet for the enterprise. Perhaps there is more to the recently announced Blackberry 6 operating system.