Back in April, I wrote an article about QR Codes and the post exploded with comments.  I have some pretty intelligent readers out there!  I wanted to gather all the information from these informative comments and present them here in a concise format so we can all find the information quickly and easily.

Ways You Use QR Codes

In my article, I asked if readers were already using QR Codes in their businesses. Some responses were quite interesting: 

  • Andy Lynn of PRONTO! Mobile puts QR Codes on cookies -- actual, edible cookies! Putting QR Codes on cookies is a creative example of how flexible QR Codes can be. 
  • Tag Street provided a picture of QR Codes being used with real estate agents in the UK.  Agents are incorporating QR Codes into their sign boards.  Instead of having to memorize a route, a potential client can simply scan the QR Code and have all the information they need on their phone.
  • Angela Henry is an author who incorporates QR Codes on her blog and promotional posters.  The QR Code links to a site about her book.
  • merlonbrand puts QR Codes on t-shirts.
  • gave a couple of cool examples, such as enhancing missing children posters, virtual church bulletins, art projects, and personal branding.
  • Dfreeman uses QR Codes in his newsletter to lead his subscribers to great deals.
  • JetCityOrange—what happened in Seattle?  From what I can tell from the video on QRdvark, reader JetCityOrange did a campaign using QR Codes around the 206 area code in a scavenger hunt like fashion.  Very cool!
  • Wayne Spivak uses QR Codes in his company's corporate logo and has received the response of either, 'Cool!  A QR Tag!' or 'What's that?'  Both statements have led to more sales.

QR Scanners for Your Mobile Device

Many readers gave suggestions of usable QR Code scanners for your mobile device.  Personally, I use Google Goggles on my Android phone.  But here are some other apps approved by my readers:

The main complaint from my readers was the fact that mobile devices don't automatically come with a QR scanner.  You seem to agree that QR Code popularity would spike if this happened.

QR Code Generators

Along with QR Code scanners, many readers made mention of their favorite QR Code generators.  Some are free and some aren't.  Some provide analytics in connection with your QR Reader.  Some are industry specific.  Check out these reader suggested QR Code generators:

Thank you, readers, for all of your great input!

Curt Finch is the CEO of Journyx.  Learn more social media tips on his PM Blog.