That didn't take long. It's the first day customers can pre order the new iPhone 4 (actually available on June 24th) and already its sold out until July.

Apparantly, AT&T ran out first (within hours) and then Apple, itself, ran out as well.  All this despite a major failure with the pre-ordering system in the wee hours of the morning (talk about your early adopters - ba dum dum!).

Let me be clear, you can still pre order an iPhone 4; you'll just have to wait until the next shipment date which is now July 2nd.

One last buying tip courtesy my even-geekier-than-me friend Beswick Channer (that's a compliment, Bes); check out Radio Shack.

Radio Shack is apparantly offering some serious trade-in dough for older model iPhones. Specifically, the Shack is offering a $100 trade-in for the iPhone 3G and $200 for the 3GS.

Radio Shack does require a $50 deposit on pre orders.