Google is now offering a Google Voice app via iTunes for iPhone users. You can download it here and, yes, it is free.

Is it me? Or does this sound "ironical" as a friend of mine would say, and that is using a "phone" to bypass using the phone?

The truth is it's great news for iPhone users who can now save their minutes on calls and texts, as well as save gobs of money on international calls.

Just a few days ago, TechCrunch writer Alexia Tsotsis breathlessly announced, "The Phone Call Is Dead". Read her fine print and, in so many words, she acknowledges the phone call is more like mostly dead (to use some Princess Bride-speak). 

Granted, TechCrunch loves to declare things dead:

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Regardless, the point is well-taken. Traditional phone calls as we know them, are being made less and less. VoIP options like Skype and Google Voice and the real phone-killer, SMS texting, are taking over. 

Latest Nielsen numbers show voice calls are down in every age demographic, except the over-54 crowd. 

It leaves me to wonder if Apple was short-sighted calling it an iPhone. 

Perhaps not. The new Google Voice app does not work on the iPod Touch.

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