I think so! What else can explain a job posting on the Apple corporate site obliquely recruiting a new software engineer to work on a mysterious "new and revolutionary" feature for the Mac OS X. No, I'm not kidding. Here's a quote from the posting that reads more like a sales pitch than a job description:

"Are you looking to help create something totally new? Something that has never been done before and will truly amaze everyone? Are you excited by the prospect that what you helped create would be used every day by millions of Apple customers?"

I haven't been this intrigued since the ShamWow came out a few years back.

Cruising a company's job postings can deliver the occasional insight as to what's really going on within a company. Example: Apple posted job openings for antenna engineers when the story first broke about the iPhone 4's antenna defect.

Apple knows press and media pick up on these little clues. Is it such a stretch to believe that maybe they are using job listings as a backdoor way to spin messages?

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