Okay, I think Apple is getting serious about PC market share. This week, CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the latest updates to the line of MacBook Air. Here's the big headline: an 11 inch model that starts at $999. That's right, a sub-$1000 MacBook Air!

What's even better is that the smaller laptop with the smaller price tag still comes with improvements.

I. It has flash storage which means two big things: it powers up instantly and there's more room for a bigger, long lasting battery. The 13 inch goes about seven hours on a single charge. The five inch goes on a five hour single charge.

2. It has more than one USB port.

3. Its thinner and lighter.

This is good for business. People are hurting in this economy and need cheaper technology options. It will be interesting to see just how may upgrades away we are before the two products morph into the same thing? I bet sooner than later.

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