I guess it's safe to say that the iPad isn't cannabilizing Mac sales. It's more like this: Mac sales are up, way up and off the chain. In fact, Apple is reporting record sales for the second quarter of this year with over three and a half million sold. What's even more incredible is that its big business where Mac sales have really taken off the most.

Now, keep in mind. Macs only make up 3.5% of total market share, worldwide. But, it is still well worth taking note that Apple's growth rate in Mac sales for businesses, particularly, are outpacing overall growth in PC sales dramatically.

Take a look at these figures, as reported by IDC:

- Mac enterprise sales are up 50% from this time a year ago. PC sales for the enterprise overall pale in comparison at 15%.

- In fact, while overall PC sales are up 20% worldwide compared to a year ago during the same quarter, Mac sales are up 35%.

- Government sales for the Mac are up over 200% in just one quarter.

So, is this a coattails effect from the popularity of the iPhone? As more executives switch to iPhones, perhaps they are pressuring their IT departments to put a Mac on their desktop at work.

Is this news more chilling for Blackberry (traditionally the smartphone of choice for the enterprise set) or for Microsoft?

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