Hey, Apple! You've got a serious fight on your hands. Android isn't just nipping at your heels, it's starting to kick your butt.

Latest Nielsen figures released the week (covering the six months of this year ending on August 10th) show Android is beating you soundly in sales among new smartphone owners. You and everbody else, in fact!

In those six months (domestic sales, by the way), Android made up 32% of smartphone sales. Apple sits at 25%, Research in Motion's Blackberry; 26%.

Face it, Android is smoking hot right now. The Apple faithful, who chime in on this blog, will be quick to point out that some of those months were the weeks leading up to the release of the iPhone 4 (logic being that many were holding off on purchase waiting or the next generation).

Good point. Then again, these figures do include more than a solid month of sales of the iPhone 4. It also includes all those people who ran out and bought a $99 3GS during those last weeks before the 4 came out.

It also includes those last weeks of Android sales while everyone waited for Droide X to arrive in mid-July.