It seems current news stories spill into our social networks.  I'm guessing that, over the holidays, many of you read multiple Facebook statuses and Twitter feeds of colleagues and friends experiencing travel delays, counting down the minutes, hours, and maybe even days they were stuck at the airport.  Or maybe that delayed traveler was you?

As these social updates show, it's hard to be totally disconnected nowadays.  Airport time for me is no longer considered down time.  I can be as productive stuck in an airport as I can be at the office.  One of the main ways I stay connected is with Verizon MiFi, which allows me to connect up to five devices with internet -- very helpful for all of my gadgets. 

But what about on the airplane itself?  GoGo Inflight Internet is available for a 24 hour pass for $11 on multiple airlines.  Though that may be a little pricey for the everyday consumer, if I can get WiFi on the flight during a time I really need it, $11 could end up being a cheap investment.

The tools I use when I find myself stuck in the airport include:—Points helps me manage my rewards, especially my frequent flyer miles.—Mint keeps me on top of my finances so I don't overspend while stuck in the airport.

Gmail and Google Docs—Google keeps me connected and makes it easy for me to send and receive important information.

Our main concern here at Journyx is using time wisely.  It can be easy to let time fly by when we feel like we are out of control, like being stuck at an airport in a snow storm.  You didn't choose to be stuck, but you can choose to use your time and resources in a way that will benefit you.

Curt Finch is the CEO of Journyx located in Austin, Texas.