Meee-ooow! Talk about taking some potshots on the way out the door. Nokia's outgoing smartphone general manager, Anssi Vanjoki, issued a warning to his competitors about bundling Android onto their smartphones; it's like Finnish boys who pee in their pants to stay warm in the winter. Yup, he really said that in an interview this week with the Financial Times.

His point: it may work great in the short term. But, in the long run it only leads to a greater disaster.

This was more of a diss on the industry's business strategy than the operating system itself. Mind you, I don't think it was a vote of confidence for Android either however.

Vanjoki is cautioning the HTC's, Samsungs and Motorolas of the world that their short term gains right now (which are plenty!) will be short-lived when they end up with a market that is over-saturated and leads to customers who shop for the software (operating system) rather than the hardware (the smartphone itself).

Makes you wonder if Vanjoki's announced departure is a hint about the future of Nokia's policy of making Symbian-only phones, especially when you consider the new guy coming in is from Microsoft.