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PC's Die A Little More


Gartner and IDC are both reporting PC shipment numbers for the third quarter. The figures vary slightly, but the trend is the same. Shipments are up from this time a year ago - slightly - but not as "up" as expected.

In fact, reality is quite a bit below expectations. Gartner had expected a 12.1% increase and got a 7.6% increase in worldwide shipments instead.

IDC's numbers are a bit higher reporting a worldwide increase of 11%, although falling short of the 14% expected increase.

Other interesting nuggets and trends in the fine print:

- IDC's numbers indicate that Apple has jumped to number three in PC shipments in the U.S. market. Gartner still places them at number four. It looks like a statistical deadheat with Acer to me.

- Gartner is blaming the economy and consumer confusion over tablets. In other words, there are a lot of people out there who don't want to pull the trigger on a computing device until they see what other tablet offerings come available.

Parting thoughts

- The PC is increasingly irrelevant. Who needs the latest, greatest when most people are spending increasing amounts of time connecting through their mobile device?

- The netbook is clearly not as red hot as it was a year ago when it was propping up PC sales. Why? Will the netbook die under the boots of the iPad and other tablets soon to follow?

- Upgrading to Windows 7 is increasingly irrelevant, too. People had to make due for so long during the Windows Vista cycle, I believe they got used to it - and found other alternatives.

- Desktops and laptops will not go away. But, their importance will. It's already happening.


Last updated: Oct 14, 2010

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