That's right, I'm validating your deepest desire; give that comments section the boot! After all, when was the last time it gave you anything but a headache. If it's not filtering out spammers, then it's leeching away your psychic energy while you figure out how to respond to that 800 word 10 point comment that eviscerates you, your posting and/or your company. Enough already!

Researchers from the Warsaw University of Technology have a new study out that shows people who actually take the time to leave an online comment tend to leave a negative one. What's more, the longer the comment; chances are the more likely it will be negative in nature.

There's making your company more accessible to the public and then there's painting a bullseye on your back. Sometimes I wonder...

Ten years ago, maybe it was the best way to make your site dynamic and interactive. Perhaps managing a comments section (or online forum) was the best way to create an online community. I don't think that's true anymore. Comments are sooooo 20th century. Why do we hang onto them when we have "Tweet", "Facebook like" and "LinkedIn's share" buttons, just to name a few options that are more this millineum. Social media features reach more eyeballs and extend your online community far, far beyond the boundaries of your web site.

Anyhoo, there I said it! I can't wait to hear from you dear reader. I'm especially interested to see whether you choose the comments section or Twitter. Us tech bloggers are so starved for attention, we can't resist keeping all our options open. So, I reserve the right to be a hypocrite on this one. I might add that I also don't have to worry about comment rage derailing my online sales, soiling my brand or giving a very biased and unflattering one-side of the story in a customer dispute that I can't respond to without compromising that same customer's confidentiality.

How about you?