Uh, remember yesterday when I told you the next available shipment date for the new iPhone 4 would be July 2nd? Well, scratch that.

Yesterday, it turns out, was a busy first day of pre orders for Apple. Forget about the June 24th launch date. Those units sold out in a matter of hours. The batch due on July 2nd went within a matter of hours after that.

The next shipment date available is now July 14th. Buyer beward, however; this could be outdated information in the time it takes me to hit the "update article" button.

Apple is reporting that it processed no less than 600,000 pre orders yesterday for the new iPhone. To give you a little perspective that is ten times the number of pre orders it took for the 3GS a year ago.

So, what's driving this?

1. Yes, this is Apple's most dramatic upgrade to the iPhone since it debuted three years ago.

2. However, I think you have a lot of iPhone users who have used their older models for a couple of years and are ready to upgrade. These are the dividends of a more established product. We are officially in a buying groove; similar to how people use to trade in their cars every five years for Detroit's latest.

3. A sign that the economy is getting better? 

4. All those people who didn't jump on the iPad band wagon a couple of months ago because it was just a little too rich for their blood are making themselves feel better by at least getting the new iPhone instead?

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