South Korea and Japan are the world leaders in intelligent transport systems (ITS), according to CNN.

'Drivers race through expressway toll gates as their wireless wallet pays the fee, while GPS updates in half of South Korea's 17 million registered cars tell them how many minutes delay they can expect and how to take a faster route. Public buses are fitted with shrieking dashboard road-nannies that help drivers stay on schedule. Millions of passengers seamlessly transfer using the ubiquitous T-Money travel card, finding their next bus or subway train on up-to-the minute electronic schedules.'

While these countries are investing heavily in technology, they have actually reaped cost savings. South Korea saves an estimated $1.5 million a year through results such as 'automatic toll collection, fewer accidents and less pollution.'

Privacy concerns in the United States may have slowed some of the adoption of these technologies here, but now we are seeing more and more of it.

Curt is the CEO of a timesheet software firm in Texas.