Rumor time is over. Steve Jobs unveiled the new iPhone 4G today at WWDC 2010. Here are the highlights:

1. It launches June 24th. Pricing starts at $199 for the 16GB and $299 for the 32GB with a two year contract.

2. It doesn't look like the other iPhones. The 4G has a new look. The big news is that its thinner; 24% thinner than earlier models. It is encased in glass front and back with a band of metal around the outer rim. This band is actually part of the antenna.

3. It has two cameras; front and back (thus glass front and back, as well). The camera is a five megapixel camera with 5x zoom capability. It has LED flash.

4. Apple quadrupled the pixel density in the display. In English, what that means is the quality of the picture actually surpasses the ability of the human eye to appreciate it. (The display screen is still the same size, however.)

5. Here's a biggie: improved battery time. The 4G's battery can handle on one full charge: 10 hours of watching videos, 40 hours of listening to music, 7 Hours of talk time and 10 hours of browsing. Even though the new iPhone is smaller, the battery inside is actually bigger.

6. It records in HD video and includes built-in editing. (The editing feature is pretty incredible from someone who started out in television in the 80's and used the term "b-roll" a lot.)

7. The cameras allow video calls (conferencing) with Facetime.

8. It's available in white and black.

9. iPad users will be able to download their eBooks to their iPhone 4G at no extra cost.