As promised, here are the remaining five apps that I've come to incorporate into my daily life.

Evernote (FREE) I can easily capture any photo, idea, article or sound that captures my attention in a cinch with this. The app synchronizes with my desktop and I can easily search through my notes from either machine.

Buzzfeed (FREE) This app provides hilarity keeps me up to date on the latest viral videos, images, links and buzz while on the go. Not for those without a sense of humor.

Quickoffice Mobile Suite ($10) This is the best app I've seen that allows me to read and edit Word, Excel or Powepoint documents. It helps me get work done with ease when I'm out of the office or in a pinch.

Remotedroid (FREE) Turns my phone into a wireless trackpad and mouse. This is especially useful if you have your computer hooked up to a television—then you can control it all from your comfy spot on the couch.

Heytell (FREE) This push to talk app is the simplest, most polished one I've seen. Add contacts to your 'friends' list, tap on their name, and hit the hold and speak button to send them a recorded message. An especially neat feature is the ability to use GPS and show the mapped location of who you're talking to.

Those are some of my favorites—some for making my life easier, some for making me more efficient, some for connecting me with others and some that are just for fun. What are your favorites? I've always got room to add more.


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