Two interesting un-announcements today in the tech world; Microsoft has shelved plans for the Courier tablet, as HP similarly killed off the Slate. The question is whodunit.

Let's be clear. This is not about Microsoft and HP quaking in their boots about going up against Apple. They both want skin in this game. This is a sad admission that Windows is not up to the task.

If you think Windows is, ahem, often unstable on a PC; how do you think it's performing on a touchscreen tablet in the R&D department? The unofficial word from HP to news outlets like ZDNet is that indeed Windows 7 was just not working as an operating system for touch.

This week HP announced its buying Palm for 1.2 billion. Clearly, its putting the Slate on hold until it can get its paws on Palm's WebOS (that's OS for operating system).

I'm not sure what Microsoft is going to do.

Zune Touch? Nah....