So, what's the difference between a snipe hunt and trying to snake down a white iPhone 4? Answer: not much! Both have the same end result, so far: nada! Still, I must report there's been a sighting folks (on the white iPhone 4, not the snipe).

The Boy Genius Report picked up on some chatter on the MacRumors forums last night that the Apple Store (the App version) was taking orders for white iPhone 4's. It didn't last. If you follow the time stamps, the whole thing was over by 3:26 am. Sure enough, I updated my Apple Store app and alas no white iPhone 4's.

So, what's up? Here's some theories:

1. Apple is messing with us.

2. Apple messed up and covered it's tracks by taking down the boo boo by 3:26am.

3. Pre-orders went fast?