No, I did not rip off this headline from "The Onion". This is your tax dollars at work. The CIA has launched a Wikileaks Task Force; acronym WTF.

The truth is that I actually ripped this headline off from "The Washington Post", credited with first reporting the story.

Before you start screaming about the melonheads that work for the government; stop! They're not that goofy. In fact, it seems spooks have a sense of humor too. By all accounts, this is a tongue in cheek nickname for the task force.

Er, uh, it's also honest I think.

WTF actually has a serious mission; figuring out just how bad is the damage to national security after thousands of not-a-secret-anymore military and diplomatic files hit the Internet; thanks to Wikileaks.

They'll be busy.

Speaking of Wikileaks, Founder Julian Assange (aka Dr. Evil) gave an interview to MSNBC from England (and not a hollowed-out volcanic lair), where he remains under house arrest released on bond from a sex offense case in Sweden.

Assange called former governor of Arkansas and Republican presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, "just another idiot trying to make a name for himself", in response to his recent statement that Assange should be executed. I don't know about that execution statement and I'm no Huckabee fan. I would just say, sometimes, it's better to keep our feelings to ourselves.

That being said; "just another idiot trying to make a name for himself"?