By now you may have heard of Twitter. For those who haven't, Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that allows you to send out short messages using up to 140 characters. People can follow your messages, or tweets, and you can follow theirs. Users can receive your tweets via text message on their mobile devices, or even from within Microsoft Outlook by using a free service such as OutTwit .

There are already over one million Twitterers out there. And just as Facebook has been embraced by the business community as a way to engage people, Twitter is beginning to hit the mainstream web user. Mainly because it's a quick and easy way to keep track of people you know, as well as to begin dialogue with those like-minded folks you'll meet due to Twitter. Here are a few tools that can enhance your Twitter experience.

Tools for Tweeting
If I had to type every tweet on my phone I wouldn't be as interested. That's why tools like OutTwit and Twitterbar , which lets you tweet from the Firefox address bar, are so valuable. And when I don't want to type at all I can use TwitThat , another Firefox add-on that lets you click a button to create a tweet about the web page you're on. But when I'm really feeling lazy I turn to Jott, which creates a tweet from a phone message.

Tools to Extend Your Blog's Reach
Blogger's are always looking for ways to increase their reach. Twitter is a great way to automatically add your posts to the non-stop conversations going on. Twitterfeed lets you configure your blogs rss feed to post a tweet every time you do a new post. And if you've hooked your Twitter account up with your Facebook profile (and others), your status will automatically be updated with a link to your post as well.

Tools to Track Relevant Conversations
As you begin following more people on Twitter, it becomes necessary to segment them in order to categorize the conversations. TweetDeck is perfect for this. It also allows you to track keywords being used in tweets that are of interest – and who's using them. You can also use TweetStats to analyze how people you're interested are using Twitter, and who they're interacting with.

So if you're ready to start using Twitter, use some of these tools to do tweet easily, efficiently and effectively. Welcome to the TwitterDome.