Not getting enough Web advertising? The folks at Compulsion have figured out a way to turn any video content into a fully interactive point-and-click ad. You can learn more here.

The simple genius behind it is a video player that allows you to assign links to anything in a video. All you need as a budding invisible ad link designer is a Web browser -- absolutely no technical expertise required. The result is truly invisible advertising, since the content itself is the commercial.

Now, you may be asking, "If it's invisible, will people actually click on products on the screen?" Compulsion founder Scott Mahoney says click-through rates so far are running between 10% and 30%. If those click-through figures can be sustained after the newness wears off, he may be onto something.

Mahoney and Co. envision a world where entertainment and commerce merge almost seamlessly. As a result, we may not all be able to "bend it like Beckham," but at least we'll never be more than be one simple click away from a chance to own a pair of his amazing cleats.