“I worry about this as a role … it’s in vogue and many companies will hire one because they think they need one. In three to five years, I’m afraid we may see lots of flameout because they weren’t given the seniority or authority to make a difference.”

--The CCO of a major software company, speaking to Forrester analyst Paul Hagen, on Forbes.com.

Will the role of Chief Customer Officer (CCO) become a staple of future executive teams?

Various recent reports contend that the position is on the rise. But in one of them we found this interesting note of skepticism, from an actual CCO.

What do chief customer officers actually do? Anne Bowman, CCO at telecom software company Voxeo, oversees sales, marketing, and customer service. “The idea is to make sure that all Voxeo customers have a positive experience, no matter which department they happen to be dealing with,” she told Inc.’s April Joyner.

This article originally appeared at The Build Network.