During a recent visit to HubSpot's headquarters, members of the Build team got to see the remnants of one of the inbound marketing firm's capture sessions, a strategy we wrote about earlier this year.

Scribbled in blue ink on a whiteboard wall near the desk of user-experience director Joshua Porter (@bokardo) was a list of "Good UX Questions." These six essential queries, which stress functionality over bells and whistles, shouldn't go unanswered during the web design process:

1. Who is this page for?
2. What problem does this page solve for the user?
3. How do we know they need it?
4. What is the primary action we want users to take on this page?
5. What might prompt the user to take this action?
6. How will we know this page is doing what we want it to do?

But why stop there? We asked a few UX professionals what questions, if any, they'd add to the list. Here are some of their responses.

Cliff Sexton, user experience director, CareerBuilder.com

How do people access this page (where do they come from)?
How long are users on this page?
What can we remove from this page?
How can we test this solution with users?

Perry Hewitt, chief digital officer, Harvard University

What's the governance and maintenance model for this page?
More colloquially, once the baby is born, who is responsible for its care and feeding?

Catalina Naranjo-Bock, user experience design researcher, Yahoo

How are we solving the user's need in different and better ways than other pages in our space?

What questions would you add to the list? Share yours in the comments below.

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