Really -- we're not being rhetorical here. This election season, has worked mightily to make sure entrepreneurs and small business owners know where the candidates stand on the issues that matter most to them -- if you haven't visited yet, check out the voter guides on our special election page.

Now, with a week to go before we go the polls, we'd like to help you, the Inc. reader, clear up whatever uncertainty or confusion remains about either John McCain or Barack Obama. If you have any question about where either candidate stands on an issue of interest to the entrepreneurial community -- what policies they've proposed, or how they've voted -- just ask.

Pose your questions in the comment section of this post, and we'll try to track down as many answers as we can by next Monday and publish them then. Feel free to ask about any topic that has some relationship (even a somewhat obscure one) to business, especially small business, and the economy -- for example, education policy. We won't, however, be able to chase down answers to questions that have no discernible connection to our agenda -- we'll leave the discussion about foreign policy and national security, purely social issues like marriage and abortion, and personal baggage like Ayers and expensive wardrobes to other forums.

With that in mind, fire away.