This election has me tortured. I belong to a business group that consists of seven business owners. Because I'm the lone Democrat, I take a lot of grief. But at our latest meeting I had to confess, "I think I'm becoming a Republican."

Why? Well, McCain's social policies still make me sick, scared, and disgusted. And I still can't believe that STUPID Paris Hilton ad that he approved. But I also can't believe how naïve O'Bama is. His "tax the rich" routine is going to cost me big money -- money I don't have because I heavily re-invest in my company. He clearly doesn't understand how small businesses work.

Like many other business owners, I have a Subchapter S corporation. That means I pay taxes on my income regardless of whether I take it out of the company or reinvest it in the company. If he raises taxes as promised, it will mean I'll have to pay even higher taxes on money that I'm not seeing. That will force me -- and a lot of other business owners -- to take out more and reinvest less. That's how you strangle a business -- and ultimately the economy.

I really don't know what I'm going to do on Election Day. I think I'm having an identity crisis.