With the economy down, anxiety levels are skyrocketing -- leaving stressed Americans with elevated heart rates, insomnia, neck crinks and tight, painful backs. Is there any relief in sight?

I am a huge fan of stress reduction through acupuncture. Yes, needles can be scary. But acupuncture needles are as thin as a hair and can impact the flow of chi -- or life energy -- with insertion at the tip of the dermis.

The day we shot the latest episode of The Inc. Life, Jin worked on points in my neck, which caused me to feel a fiery explosion behind my eye. The sensation was the typical movement of chi and abated in moments. She needled my feet (corresponding to the liver) and ankles, and I felt a pulsation in my shoulder. She put a slew of needles into my aching lower back and it was almost an instant release of tension. I won't lie. The aggressive scraping is excruciating when it is done. But 10 minutes later, I am pain free and feel a foot taller. My sleep is dramatically improved, and I fall asleep and stay asleep for seven hours straight -- a miracle.

The other items that I mention in the show are great for business travelers, since they are portable. I love the t spheres balls to use on the plane, as well as all of the effective and inexpensive items from Stress Less to combat the physical manifestations of stress.

And the old-school bath is also an easy way to take it down a notch at any point during the day. Add epsom salt and essential oils like lavender. I recently learned that applying lavender oil to the feet enhances sleep. I slap it on myself -- and the kids -- and hope for a more relaxing tomorrow.