As they decide whether to cover a story, journalists often ask, “Why now?” A holiday provides an instant answer. But why be bound by traditional holidays like Independence Day and Thanksgiving? Creating your own holiday can be a fun and effective way to get some attention for your business.

Here are five steps for creating your own day to celebrate.

1. Choose the right theme. Your holiday can be fun; for example, a backyard furniture seller could plan a National Goofing-Off Day to promote the joys of doing nothing on your day off. Or, a more somber occasion could be chosen; a uniform provider could create Honor a Serviceperson Day to honor members of the military. To be an effective tool for your business, it has to tie in closely with what you do or a cause in which you believe.

2. Seek government intervention. If you plan in advance, you may be able to approach your state representative to issue a legislative proclamation about your day. Or, you may be able to get the mayor or council of your town or city to recognize the event in some fashion, giving it greater credibility and newsworthiness.

3. Register with Chase’s. The bible of offbeat holidays is Chase’s Calendar of Events, published by McGraw-Hill. This tome lists everything from National Peanut Butter Day to birthdays of celebrities and famous historical figures. Visit the Chase’s website for more information.

4. Plan your festivities. You may choose to celebrate your holiday with an event or a publicity campaign. Create signage for your place of business and send mailings to your client and prospect lists. For example, if you own a business consulting firm, you may create Grow My Business Month, where you publish information businesses need in order to grow, and host a joint event with your chamber of commerce. A hair salon may create Hair for a Cause Day where 20 percent of all service fees are donated to a charity.

5. Grab some headlines. Issue news releases about your holiday, explaining its purpose and any events you have planned. Be sure to include information on your website, social media, and blog to help spread the word. Then, prepare to do it all over the following year so you can build on the momentum of your first annual holiday!