Major blogs and news sites use repurposed content. For instance, Bloomberg and BusinessWeek “borrow” content from one another consistently. PR Daily uses content previously posted on the blogs of PR professionals, including Spin Sucks. The Huffington Post and Harvard Business Review both have content that is published on their sites and on the authors’ blogs or websites.

In these cases, you’ll typically see a line that says, “This content was originally posted on XXX site” with a link to the article. This tells the search engines this is not the original source of the content, but they have permission to publish and distribute it.

Following are four tips to syndicate your content:

1. Be careful. Don’t let just anyone take the content you’ve created for your site and use it on their site. If you create an agreement with sites to use your content, set it up so that it’s approved manually. This way, you can vet any syndication ahead of time.

2. Be picky. Be selective about what you allow others to use and what you don’t. Some good candidates for sharing include: Older content that needs a good revision, new links, and some fresh ideas or a really popular piece that could use a second wind.

3. Be specific. When anyone uses your content, make sure they include a link back to your original piece. Ideally, they should use a noindex meta tag to prevent search engines from indexing their version of the content, which will leave your content as the only one that ranks in search results.

4. Be strategic. Use Open Site Explorer to find sites that have high authority. For example, if you type in, you’ll see they have a domain authority of 99/100 and a page authority of 96/100. This is exceptional. You want to target sites with a domain authority higher than 50 or 55.

Before you syndicate, of course, you have to create content for your website or blog. Then you can decide who else should have the privilege of running your brilliance.

If you are strategic about how you approach content syndication, you will find that your network expands dramatically, and more people come to your website.