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From Finance to Fountain: Mint Founder Aaron Patzer's New Move Is Making Expertise Accessible

Aaron Patzer moved to Silicon Valley at 25 to build Mint, a company that would go on to sell for $170 million. Now, he's back on the grind with Fountain: a micro-consulting marketplace that allows users to ask questions to experts through mobile video, voice and text.

Don't Fear Failure, Fear Regret

Natalie Young, founder of Las Vegas restaurant Eat, says her worst nightmare is waking up 20 years from now wishing she had done more to make her business work.

Why You Can't Put a Price on Creative Freedom

Natalie Young, founder of Las Vegas restaurant Eat, says there is no substitute for being able to make all the decisions about your business.

Zappos Founder Tony Hsieh: Entrepreneurs Need Creativity, Optimism, and Street Smarts

Two years after the launch of The Downtown Project in Las Vegas, Hsieh talks about the effort to transform part of the city.

The Downtown Project: Tony Hsieh's Dream to Revitalize Downtown Las Vegas

When Zappo's CEO Tony Hsieh began The Downtown Project in 2012, he wanted to revitalize downtown Las Vegas through entrepreneurship and technology. Though rumors and bad publicity have recently plagued the project, it has to date invested in more than 100 local businesses in a variety of sectors. Here, a behind-the-scenes look at some of the entrepreneurs engaging in the new tech ecosystem.

The Best Advice Indiegogo Never Received

Slava Rubin, a co-founder of Indiegogo, discusses the guidance he wishes he'd heard while starting the crowdfunding platform in 2008.

Indiegogo's Danae Ringelmann: 'Crowdfunding is Not About Dollars'

Co-founder of Indiegogo says the big payoff of a successful crowdfunding campaign is you get to be yourself.

Indiegogo's Danae Ringelmann: Be Ruthless About Your Priorities

Indiegogo wants to be the crowdfunding platform that democratized access to capital. With a lofty goal like that, they can't mess around with distractions.

How Indiegogo Is Democratizing Access to Capital

Indiegogo founders Slava Rubin and Danae Ringelmann talk about pioneering an industry, finding the right employees for their company culture, and plans for growing their mobile and international audiences.

Steve Cody's 3 Crucial Skills for Entrepreneurs

The co-founder of New York City PR firm Peppercomm shares his definition of a great business leader.

Peppercomm's Steve Cody: Entrepreneurs Can Make the Crazy World Saner

Simply by creating a positive place for people to work, Cody says, entrepreneurs can make a huge difference.

Peppercomm's Steve Cody: Know When a Great Client Is the Wrong Client

As a startup PR firm in the mid-1990s, Peppercomm learned the hard way that when a fish is bigger than your boat, you need to know when to cut the line.

Company Culture Is More Important Than You Realize

Peppercomm co-founder Steve Cody talks about what it takes to launch and grow a business, land customers in a competitive environment, and get ranked by Crain's New York as the top place to work.

Why Recent Grads Are Ditching Finance for Tech Startups (Infographic)

In New York, tech startups are the new investment bank. Here's why.

The New Incubator: Mom and Dad's House?

These entrepreneurs live with their parents (and swear by it).

Find Retailers Who Are Committed to Your Product's Success

Landing shelf space will always be an important part of the sales game, but entrepreneur Jeffrey Hollender says it's also about forging the right relationships.

Get Rid of 'Unrealistic Expectations' When Launching Your Startup

Jeffrey Hollender, the co-founder of condom company Sustain, says you need to rein in your expectations of what you can accomplish and how long tasks will take to complete.

Father-Daughter Condom Company Founders Aim to Empower Women

Jeffrey and Meika Hollender launched Sustain with a goal of breaking down societal barriers that prevent people from talking about safe sex.

Sustain: What It's Like When the Family Business Is Condoms

Father-daughter founding team Meika and Jeffrey Hollender have built a fair-trade condom company aimed at women in their twenties. This is their grind, hustle and payoff.

Successful CEOs Spend More Time Focused on the Future

Matt Lehrer, the founder of Teamwork Athletic Apparel, says leaders need to take steps to avoid getting bogged down by their company's day-to-day issues.

Matt Lehrer: 'Solve a Problem That Has Never Been Solved Before'

The founder of Teamwork Athletic Apparel says he has to work harder and smarter than ever before to keep his new products ahead of the competition's.

Matt Lehrer: Being an Entrepreneur Means Bringing Ideas to Life

The CEO of Teamwork Athletic Apparel talks about the value of being free to champion ideas he believes in.

How Running a Business Is Like Flying a Plane

CEO Matt Lehrer has bootstrapped his customized athletic apparel business to 400 employees and growing--all while finding a way to incorporate his passion for flying and time with his family. Here's how he does it.

Gary Hirshberg: The Grind of Owning a Business Never Stops

The co-founder of organic yogurt company Stonyfield Farm says entrepreneurship is a perpetual challenge.

Entrepreneurship Is Like a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Book

Tracy Sun, co-founder of clothing-sale app Poshmark, talks about how every business owner encounters her own unique set of challenges.

Poshmark's Tracy Sun: 'Startups Die of Indigestion'

The co-founder of Poshmark, an app that enables users to sell clothes from their closets, shares the best entrepreneurial advice she ever received.

Meet Poshmark, the App That's Turning Every Closet Into a Store

With more than 350,000 closets in the growing Poshmark community, founders Tracy Sun and Manish Chandra are transforming shopping--and reselling--into a mobile, social experience.

How Poshmark's Founders Persuaded VCs to Invest $15 Million

The founders of Poshmark, an app that enables users to sell clothes from their closet, faced a daunting task when they sought funding from the male-dominated venture capital world.

Gary Hirshberg's Sacred Rule: Don't Compromise on Vacation

The co-founder of Stonyfield Organic says that even if your company can't afford the time without you, you must take breaks away from it.

Gary Hirshberg on the Most Important Thing Founders Must Do

The co-founder of Stonyfield says being an entrepreneur is about growing, developing, and evolving. If you think it gets easier, you chose the wrong career.

How Stonyfield Farm Created a Market Hungry for Organic Yogurt

When Gary Hirshberg started Stonyfield Farm, he had "no supply and no demand." Here's how he reinvented the most important meal of the day (organically).

FlatBread Grill: Tackling the 300-Franchise Challenge

Co-founders and sisters Arzu, Fusun, and Gonca Esendemir launched their business during the recession. Now they're aiming to open 300 FlatBread Grill locations around the world over the next 5 years.

Ticket Cake's Recipe for Disruption: Amazing Customer Service

By putting customers first, Ticket Cake co-founders Dylan Jorgensen, Jacqueline Jensen, and Joe Henriod are taking on industry incumbents.

The Future Looks Bright

A sunny disposition is a must when you're a solar entrepreneur. Here, Danny Kennedy, co-founder of Oakland-based Sungevity, shows how it's done.

Go Behind the Scenes at Cheek'd, a Dating Site That Made a 'Shark Tank' Pitch

Lori Cheek, founder of dating site Cheek'd, tells the startup's story--and why you just might find a business card in your underwear.

Feel-Good Fashion: Stretching the Limits of Socially Conscious Business

Since 1993, Indigenous co-founders Matt Reynolds and Scott Leonard have been building their fair trade and organic fashion line, which now employs more than 1,500 artisans around the world.

Turning the Truck Industry Green

Since its launch in 2009, Motiv Power Systems has grown 50x--and it isn't slowing down. Co-founder Jim Castelaz talks about the grind, hustle, and payoff of transforming gas-powered vehicles into clean tech.

How a Navy SEAL Builds a Marketing Business

IMI started as a spin-off, but former Navy SEAL Brent Gleeson and co-founder Brandon Fishman have turned it into one of the fastest-growing internet marketing companies in the country.

Disrupting the Lingerie Industry and Empowering Women

Catalina Girald founded her lingerie company Naja with two intentions: creating a global brand and helping to employ and inspire women.

At Full Speed: How Box's Aaron Levie Became Entrepreneur of the Year

Aaron Levie was just 20 years old when he co-founded Box. Today he has raised more than $300 million in funding and serves 20 million global users.

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