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Watch some of the country's most successful entrepreneurs describe how they have tackled a wide range of challenges, from choosing the right business partners to tapping global markets, and much more. These video highlights capture key moments from a nationwide series of events sponsored by UPS® and Inc.

How I Did It


Your team members have plenty to contribute to your company's success, and creating a culture of collaboration is a great way to maximize everyone's talents. Extend that same approach to your business partners in order to create a logistics and distribution capability that is second to none.

The Future Marketplace

Retail survival is all about making special connections with your customers that endure over the long haul. To provide the excellent service your customers expect, you need great partners behind you, particularly when it comes to product delivery and other logistics needs.

Finding Your Place in the Industry

Shaping your brand strategy isn't a one-time deal--it's an ongoing process that requires a willingness to try new ideas. But it can really pay off: the right brand strategy creates a solid connection with your customers that will power your company's growth.

Deploying New Ideas

SMBs have to grow smartly. Trunk Club decided to put its internal resources into an expanded sales team and turned to outside help for tech support. Relying on UPS helped the company streamline its operations with minimal investment. It's a great lesson in how to forge the right partnerships.

Handling Failure

New companies endure tough times by focusing on their strengths. A big part of that is knowing who to turn to for the outside expertise you may lack. UPS provides a wealth of logistics services that let you devote more time and attention to growing your business.

How I Did It

Join UPS CONNECT® and Inc. in conversation with influential business leaders as they tell their story of finding success.

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