Video Transcript

00:00 David Smith: I'm Dave Smith, owner of TechScape in New York City. We do IT consulting, IT services in and around the New York City metro area inclusive of the East Coast all the way up to Boston.

What are Tekscape's IT services?

00:15 David Smith: IT Solutions is end-to-end IT design implementations. A company may be looking for a new phone system, they may be looking for a new application or support, that sort of thing. They would come to an organization like us to provide them with a solution and to help procure the equipment for them.

Why did you start Tekscape?

00:41 Smith: I was commuting from Boston to New York, back and forth, and then I had an idea one day when I was leaving Boston, leaving a meeting from Boston, I said I wanted to create a company that would ultimately provide value added or managed support to home users. Ultimately be able to provide end to end support for people whether they were at home using a home PC or whether they were in their office.

What has enabled Tekscape's growth?

01:08 Smith: Fortunately, I had a number of clients right from the beginning. I started providing support for them, and then I ultimately had to hire somebody because we started getting so much work. At one point for the first year, year and a half, there was three of us working around a glass table in my studio apartment, going and representing ourselves as a larger entity. We had the ability to grow rapidly during that period of time and be able to provide more, and we had a good solution. I mean, the people that we had hired from the beginning and continually, they're great engineers.

How do you foster talent in your employees?

01:48 Smith: I spent the majority of my professional career being an engineer, and everything that TechScape is built on I had at one point in my career had to do myself and implement myself. Large organizations that are competitors of mine silo their engineers. They come in and there is a specific job they do. And fortunately, because of our size, our ability to be nimble, and my engineering background, I know what is the most important thing for an engineer or anybody in that sort of position and the most important thing is to have exposure to every technology so they can build their own career.

How do you manage the pressures of running a business?

02:26 Smith: The amount of pressure that you have to deal with is immense and I wanted to stop at a certain point, but I looked... There's a commemorative speech from Steve Jobs in 2005 and you play that a few times and do that, and it's like what he's accomplished and what other people have accomplished and what people deal with on a day-to-day basis who are less fortunate. What I am dealing with is the least of anybody's problems so I'm happy for the challenge.