Video Transcript

00:09 William Bratton: I wanna speak to you about particularly the idea of leadership. And the leadership that I think that I embrace and that I exhibit. And its my leadership philosophy if you will. If you have the wrong vision, if you have the wrong goals, if you have the wrong strategies, you have the wrong tactics, you are not going to succeed. In American government, and American policing, in the 1990s was failing. New York City in the early 1990s was a horrific place. One of the most dangerous cities in America, if not the world. 700,000 reported, reported crime victims. What changed was leadership, vision, collaboration. The Giuliani provided the political leadership. I was appointed as his first Police Commissioner, and I provided the police leadership. Based on successes that I had had in the transit police in 1990, in which we had begun to reduce crime in the subway system. That first year, we got a 12% crime decline. The second year we got 17% and every year since.