Medical Present Value

Medical Present Value incentivizes its workers with insurance coverage, stock options, and a generous paid time-off policy.
Chief Technology Officer Craig Halley, left, and Sheila Allen, Vice President of Reimbursement, at Medical Present Value's User Group Conference.

The Data

Medical Present Value

Location: Austin

Founded: 1998

2010 revenue: $27.8 million

CEO: Tom Stampiglia

Website: mpv.com

Number of employees: 160

What it does: Creates patient and payer payment solutions for more than 125,000 healthcare providers


One of the first people hired by the founders of Medical Present Value was Allison Halley, currently the vice president of human resources. "I think that that alone speaks volumes about the type of company culture that the founders wanted to build, that they invested in an HR professional so early on in the company's life cycle," Halley says. MPV believes that its workers and salespeople are its biggest asset, and they look to reward and encourage employees whenever possible. MPV's employee compensation package is pretty hefty: medical, dental, life, and disability insurance are all provided, as well as 401K options and a generous paid time-off policy. While the company uses trips and awards to incentivize employees to excel, MPV also offers stock options to each employee, making everybody in the company an owner.

IMAGE: Courtesy Company
Last updated: May 23, 2011

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