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Service Express

The company whose main goal is to help its employees reach their own goals.
A team of SEI employees goes bowling to support the "Big Brothers Big Sisters" program, sponsored by a local childcare agency called D.A. Blodgett - St. John's. SEI has sponsored bowling teams of SEI employees and their friends and family for about five years.

The Data

Service Express

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Founded: 1993

2010 revenue: $32.8 million

CEO: Ron Alvesteffer


Facebook: Service Express, Inc (SEI)

Number of employees: 155

What it does: Provides on-site data center hardware maintenance for companies with high-end servers and mainframes


Do you love the company, but not the location? Service Express has a simple but effective expansion strategy: Move where its employees want to move. "We sit down and have vision talks with our employees—twice a year formally, and ongoing throughout the year—where the direct manager reviews their goals with them, and then we build around their goals," says Ron Alvesteffer, CEO at Service Express. Beyond relocation requests, Service Express's greater mission is to help employees reach their personal, professional, and financial goals. Whether an employee wants to move into a leadership position, or make six figures, or save money for a house, or get out of debt, or buy a new car, the Service Express team will personally work with each employee so they can achieve their goals. "When you tell me your goals, I go to work for you," Alvesteffer says.

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