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Tastefully Simple

Wellness in body and spirit are the keys to happy employment at this gourmet food provider's headquarters.
Once a day, two Tastefully Simple team members such as Charlene Staples (left) and Stacy Blonigen ring a bell throughout the building to announce the number of consultants who joined the company that day. When the bell rings, the other team members clap, cheer, whistle and use noise makers to celebrate each and every consultant who joins Tastefully Simple.

The Data

Tastefully Simple

Location: Alexandria, Minnesota

Founded: 1995

2010 revenue: $121.5 million

CEO: Jill Blashack Strahan


Facebook: Tastefully Simple, Inc.

Number of employees: 330

What it does: Sells gourmet food through home taste-testing parties


Working at Tastefully Simple is an ongoing celebration. The gourmet food seller holds boisterous monthly meetings and weekly morning revivals that incorporate the wave, noisemakers, and plenty of cheering. "People may roll their eyes," says CEO Jill Blashack Strahan. "But when you get out of your seat and cheer, it does create magic and brings up the energy in the room." Tastefully Simple also encourages employees to stay active at their on-site wellness center, featuring classes and personal trainers. "We make sure our employees take time not just for their work but for their own personal well being," Blashack Strahan says.

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