We all see the headlines. The current crisis in foreclosures, the market, and limited credit lend an unpleasant uncertainty to current and future financial decisions affecting your business and your family. The recent economic meltdown has left no one unaffected. While being fearful is unproductive, being concerned is prudent because there is an opportunity here, too. Amid so much flux there are lessons to be learned by assessing what really matters in our lives.

When I joined Pegasus Capital Advisors, I did so because I shared their value that one can both do "well" and do "good." That philosophy is proving to be incredibly successful in the current climate. Investing in a business model that places value on sustainable business practices, rather than looking to the next money-making opportunity is a philosophy that can enable companies to weather economic downturns.

Economic studies have proven that companies that prioritize sustainability reflect a better and wiser management that carries over to other areas of the company's success. Another proven philosophy--and one that is stressed at Pegasus--has to do with the value we place on those with whom we do business and engage. Thus, Pegasus gives equal consideration to the quality of the people at the company seeking our investment as it does to the products, services, and financial statements produced by that company.

These may be the most important lessons to learn in these challenging economic times; that while financial security for one's business and our families are top priorities, they are best accomplished when driven by one's values. Build a business committed to a clear purpose, driven by responsible financial decisions, run by a management that aligns their decisions with the core values of the company, and you are better positioned to weather downturns. At this time of uncertainty, consider it an opportunity to take stock in what really matters, in both your personal and professional life.