I'm really proud that for the 4th year in a row, VerticalResponse has made the Inc. 500|5000 list. I was recently asked what I get out of being on the list and it took me just minutes to count the ways.

Good company We're in the company of so many other great companies and successful leaders

It's great for company morale It's a stamp of approval for being a strong company that continues to grow. Our employees are proud of our achievements, especially being among the top 5000 of so many millions of private companies out there.

It helps us attract the best talent In this tough economy, potential employees are looking to awards and company rankings to determine who will prosper in the future. The Inc. 500 logo on our website stands out in the crowd!

It makes us strive What company doesn't want to strive to stay on an elite list?

It's strategic VCs and the banking community look to this list for powerful growers. When and if we want to raise money, our name is known.

It's a conversation starter We have something in common with other companies we want to do business with. If there is a partnership to be had, we can point to the fact that we're both successful and growing Inc. 500 companies then continue on from there.

It's a recipe for success So many Inc. companies have gone on to grow, be profitable, get purchased, or do an IPO; we could be one of them.

When will it be your year to be listed?