Aziz Ansari is probably best known for playing eccentric, entrepreneur-wannabe Tom Haverford on the hit NBC series Parks and Recreation. Over the course of the show's six seasons (with one more to come), Tom has pitched dozens of startup ideas. Some of them--such as "Rent-a-Swag"--ultimately pan out, whereas others (like "Snakejuice") are DOA. Here are ten of his most preposterous business initiatives, from a video originally compiled by the website AskMen:

  1. Launch a baby tuxedo clothing line. 
  2. Invent "Talking Tissue." The box shouts advice like "Blow that nose, player" or "Tell your mamma you love her." 
  3. Produce “Snakejuice," a Kalua-style liqueur (that ultimately has most of the show's characters puking). 
  4. Invent Sparkle Suds, meaning, embed glitter in everyday items, ranging from laundry to butter. 
  5. Host a game show where couples are asked questions and have to guess their partner's response: "Know Ya Boo." 
  6. Invent a phone that smells good. (But watch out--heard the latest on your iPhone giving you allergies?) 
  7. Take the wheels off of a jet and turn it into an apartment building.
  8. Invent Lasik surgery for fingernails. (You'll never have to cut them again.) 
  9. Launch an escargot delivery service: "Snail Mail." 
  10. Start "Rent-a-Swag": a business that rents out luxury clothing items to teenagers. 

Feeling inspired? While these ideas are probably too ridiculous to be feasible in the real world, they present a pretty real takeaway: Don't get too carried away with your brand name. 

Hear the rest of Tom's business ideas in the video clip below: