20 Best Company Facebook Pages

These 20 companies demonstrate Facebook done right. With active discussions, lively photos and videos, and custom content-;these pages are converting thousands of loyal fans into buying customers.

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20 Awesome Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook is a key online marketing tool for businesses-;if utilized to its fullest it can drive increased traffic to your website, generate additional sales, promote brand recognition and loyalty, and provide you with a direct communication link to your clients and customers. Here's 20 companies-;chosen from nominations by entrepreneurs, social media experts, Inc. editors, and Facebook-;that we think have awesome fan pages. Vote for your favorites by clicking the "Like" button on this page.



A SKDY Super Widget allows users to listen to music, view videos, read blogs, and buy merchandise directly from Facebook.

Unfortunately, since the company recently filed for an IPO with plans to go public, we were unable to interview Skullcandy; however, that doesn't make their appearance on this list any less deserving. Founded in 2003 by Rick Alden, Skullcandy markets and sells gritty designer headphones, backpacks, apparel, and accessories sponsored by athletes, musicians, DJs, and brands. While Skullcandy's Facebook page has a discussion board and a "Super Widget" that links content from its website, their fan page's popularity is clearly a result of heavy engagement with its customers. Skullcandy constantly posts news updates, product announcements, articles, contests, and behind-the-scenes pictures and videos to its wall, providing fans multiple chances a day to comment. Recently, Skullcandy asked fans to submit a question to ask its NBA sponsors, and the best question won tickets to Skullcandy's party with rapper Rick Ross in downtown Los Angeles.