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20 Awesome Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook is a key online marketing tool for businesses—if utilized to its fullest it can drive increased traffic to your website, generate additional sales, promote brand recognition and loyalty, and provide you with a direct communication link to your clients and customers. Here's 20 companies—chosen from nominations by entrepreneurs, social media experts, Inc. editors, and Facebook—that we think have awesome fan pages. Vote for your favorites by clicking the "Like" button on this page.


With dozens of videos, over 1,000 photos and a score of user-generated comments, SmartPak has cultivated a very active Facebook community.

Based in Plymouth, Massachusetts, SmartPak was founded in 1999 with the mission to simplify the administration of nutritional supplements and medications to horses. Donnie Steele, SmartPak's director of new media, says that Facebook started as a means to market new products, but has turned into a place for its nearly 110,000 fans to congregate, chat, and offer their suggestions. For example, the company began offering How-to articles on the Facebook page, which has been an enormous growth vehicle for users. In terms of traffic and fans, according to Steele, Facebook is the No. 7 revenue referrer to the website, and says that the site is "seeing real revenue" from Facebook. In the end, though, Steele says Facebook is all about delivering great customer service. "We take customer complaints as a way to solve problems," he says. "We use Facebook to make sure the customer is happy."