20 Best Company Facebook Pages

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20 Awesome Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook is a key online marketing tool for businesses-;if utilized to its fullest it can drive increased traffic to your website, generate additional sales, promote brand recognition and loyalty, and provide you with a direct communication link to your clients and customers. Here's 20 companies-;chosen from nominations by entrepreneurs, social media experts, Inc. editors, and Facebook-;that we think have awesome fan pages. Vote for your favorites by clicking the "Like" button on this page.


Tiny Prints

Special features allow users to view merchandise, receive exclusive fan discounts, gain insight from Tiny Prints Inspiration Boards, and shop without leaving the social network-;turning Facebook fans into buying customers.

Line stationary company Tiny Prints, which specializes in personalized stationary and greeting cards for special occasions and announcements, has gained nearly 64,000 fans on Facebook. Originally, Tiny Prints used Facebook merely as a way to drive traffic, but lately, Tiny Print's fan page has grown into a tightly-knit community built off remarkable customer service and feedback. Anna Fieler, marketing vice president of Tiny Prints, says the company actively participates and responds to about 99.9 percent of comments within 24 hours. In return, fans of Tiny Prints have been showing more investment in the company: Fieler reports traffic from Facebook increased over 600 percent from 2009 to 2010, and during the holiday season, customers who were also Facebook fans spent significantly more than customers who weren't. "People stop by our page and share their birth announcements, wedding pictures, Valentine's Day cards, their love stories of how they proposed, what they did for their anniversary," says Fieler. "We're seeing a community being built around these special moments and life occasions that our products are designed to celebrate."