Round 1 Winners: You Can Never Be Too Rich or Too Famous.

Inc. 2012 Brackets, Oprah, Zuckerberg, Schultz, Brown

In Inc.'s tournament of entrepreneurial titans, money wasn’t everything, but it sure helped, especially when combined with name recognition and staying power. Rich and famous though they are, Tony Hsieh, Jerry Yang and Arianna Huffington all lost to even more famous and wealthier entrepreneurs. Highlights of the next round: Charles Schwab and Martha Stewart face Bill Gates and Elon Musk. Stay tuned. 

It's still not too late to fill out your bracket.  The winner will be the one whose choices most closely match the consensus vote. If that's you, we’ll send you two tickets to our Leadership Forum in Miami June 6-8, a $1,790 value.

Now go enter your bracket, and may the best entrepreneur win.

Jeff Bezos Amazon
Jerry Yang Yahoo
Once upon a time, this might have been a close call. But while the Facebook lawsuit has many crying foul against Yahoo, Amazon is living up to its name: As Bezos once said, it's wide, it's deep, and it can drain a continent.
Magic Johnson MJ Enterprises
Herb Kelleher Southwest Airlines
Basketball superstar Magic Johnson only appeared to fly, while Kelleher did the real thing by launching Southwest Airlines. Cheap fares, open seating, no change fees, and the occasional rapping flight attendant combine to put Kelleher on top.
Bill Gates Microsoft
Larry Ellison Oracle
Gates is quiet and, before marriage, was generally rumpled; Ellison is flashy, bold, and buys expensive toys. But only Gates could become the Rockefeller of our age, remembered as much for his philanthropy as for the business that enabled it.
Barbara Corcoran Corcoran Group
Charles Schwab Charles Schwab Corp.
Turns out pigtails will only get you so far. Corcoran has nothing to complain about: She loses to a man who not only revolutionized the brokerage industry but whose company has an envied reputation for tolerance and openness.
Elon Musk PayPal
Reid Hoffman LinkedIn
Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, has also been called the most successful angel investor of the past decade. That won't get you far when the competition is Elon Musk, a founder of PayPal, SpaceX, and Tesla Motors.
Steve Case America Online
Martha Stewart Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Okay, what would you rather have: Dial-up Internet access or some really awesome cookies? Cookies, it turns out, even if the baker took a time out for insider trading. Lifestyle maven and media magnate Martha Stewart trumps AOL's Steve Case.
Phil Knight Nike
Wayne Huizenga Waste Mgmt, Blockbuster, AutoNation
Is it the swoosh? The passing resemblance to Richard Branson? The LeBron James endorsement? Or do we just like the sneakers? Either way, Nike's Phil Knight trounces Wayne Huizenga, the entrepreneur behind Blockbuster, Waste Management, and AutoNation.
Diane Von Furstenberg Diane Von Furstenberg
Richard Branson Virgin Group
Von Furstenberg can't score against the man who could be entrepreneurship's best all-around player, bringing us Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Mobile and Virgin Airlines-and that's just the warm-up. Can Virgin Everything be far behind?
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook
Michael Bloomberg Bloomberg L.P.
Michael Bloomberg is often depicted as a bit of a cold-fish technocrat, while Mark Zuckerberg can come off as a cold-fish… technocrat. But when we matched up Wall Street (Bloomberg) versus Everyone(Facebook), rising rookie Zuckerberg advances.
Robert Johnson BET
Vinod Khosla Sun Microsystems
Johnson created a black-owned entertainment network; Khosla co-founded Sun Microsystems and was a charter member of a network for Indian-American entrepreneurs. Johnson, the nation's first black billionaire, wins.
Howard Schultz Starbucks
Andy Grove Intel
Andy Grove brought us Intel and helped create jobs for zillions of programmers in the process. But how did all those coders stay awake through the wee hours? Coffee! Which is why Starbucks' Howard Schultz comes out on top.
Debbi Fields Mrs. Fields
Russell Simmons Def Jam
This is the guilty-pleasure tourney: Rich, pricey desserts in a jump ball against hip hop, fashion and a ton of notoriety. Hip-hop, fashion and Simmons all win-but now Simmons is paired up against coffee magnate Schultz.
Larry Page and Sergey Brin Google
Tony Hsieh Zappos
Hsieh wants to rebuild Las Vegas; while Page and Brin are on the offense with Google Plus. Entrepreneurs identified with the latter, voting up the Googlers.
Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield Ben & Jerry's
Ted Turner CNN
The two Vermont boys who created Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey ice cream can't compete against CNN founder, America's Cup champion, and all around Mouth-of-the-South Ted Turner.
Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren
Arianna Huffington Huffington Post
Arianna's domain is virtual, while Lauren's couldn't be more immediate: He's influenced the way we dress, what our homes look like, and our tolerance of faux-equestrians. Real world beats virtual, and Lauren advances to the sweet sixteen.
Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown
OPRAH WINFREY Harpo Productions
Brown's cosmetics company appears to be going strong, while Winfrey's OWN is struggling. But Winfrey's status as cultural icon, actress, and confessor-at-large nation moves her into the next round.
To fill out Inc's Greatest Living Entrepreneur brackest and potentially win valuable prizes, follow the link to Inc's Greatest Living Entrepreneur Tournament homepage. Register with your name and email, and fill out the brackets just as you did your basketball brackets at the office, advancing the entrepreneur you think is greater in each matchup to the next round. The voter whose picks most closely match the consensus picks of fellow gamers will win two free tickets to Inc's Leadership Conference on June 6th through the 8th in Miami.
Mar 26, 2012