As the field narrows in Inc's entrepreneurship tourney, the survivors are all household names. But some are more household than others. Oprah rolled over Ralph Lauren, helped by her only-one-name-needed status, while No. 1 rich guy Bill Gates out-scored Wall Street innovator Charles Schwab. Mark Zuckerberg has had a movie made about him, which was too much for Vinod Khosla. Meanwhile, Larry and Sergey built a company that became a verb, while—sorry, Ted—nobody "CNN's" you. On to the Final Four, where Oprah takes on Google, and Sir Richard challenges  Queen Martha.

Jeff Bezos Amazon
Herb Kelleher Southwest Airlines
Kelleher is responsible for his company's LUV ticker symbol, but in this go-round, all the love went to Amazon – and maybe the Kindle. Bezos advances to the quarterfinals.
Bill GatesMicrosoft
Charles Schwab Charles Schwab Corp.
While Schwab remains chairman of his company, he's been mostly on the bench in in recent years. Meanwhile, the Gates Foundation is the undisputed MVP in the fight against malaria and AIDS. Gates wins.
Elon Musk PayPal
Martha Stewart Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Stewart is called the doyenne of domesticity for good reason, but Musk is sending rockets into space and had a huge success with PayPal. Still, Stewart wins this one in an upset.
Phil Knight Nike
Richard BransonVirgin Group
Knight and Branson are both flashy personalities, have founded enormously successful companies and are master marketers. But in this matchup it's Branson who shoots and scores. Sorry, sports fans.
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook
Vinod Khosla Sun Microsystems
Zuckerberg's all about software that pretty much everyone uses. Khosla was a co-founder of Sun Microsystems, which built hardware favored by techies. Zuckerberg, and software for the masses, wins.
Howard Schultz Starbucks
Russell Simmons Def Jam
Two very different cultural breakthroughs: An entertainment network featuring blacks, and the $4 cup of coffee. If that makes Simmons seem like the obvious winner, it sure didn't work out that way: Schultz into the lead.
Larry Page and Sergey Brin Google
Ted Turner CNN
What's had a bigger impact on our lives: Google or CNN? Entrepreneurs voted for Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and a vastly improved ability to actually find the relevant bit of info they need on the Web.
Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren
OPRAH WINFREYHarpo Productions
Two of the lifestyle gurus go head-to-head, with Oprah as the decisive winner. OWN may be struggling, but entrepreneurs know that not every venture is a slam dunk the first time out. We see this outcome as your prediction that Oprah will make a comeback.