Setbacks in business happen. In my case, I recently had to shut down business operations due to a hurricane; but the reality is setbacks don't always look like natural disasters.

Here are other examples of setbacks I've experienced as I build my own business: failing to launch an ebook, failing at building an email list with a free challenge, breaking my entire website, being passed over for industry awards, being in the red after making bad investments, taking way longer than I would have liked to reach six-figures in revenue.

The good news is, all of these setbacks have made me a better business person. I've gone from failed launches to five-figure launches as a result of learning from my mistakes.

Often times, the only way to really learn is through experience. Here are some ways you can stage your comeback after a setback.

Accept what you cannot control.

The first step in staging a comeback after a setback is to accept what you cannot control. For example, I cannot control Mother Nature so I had to accept that there was a hurricane heading my way. I also couldn't control when I got power and internet back so that I could get back to business.

In both these instances, there was absolutely nothing I could do. Rather than struggling and getting stressed, I had to accept it. By letting it go, I was able to get some much-needed rest guilt-free. That way, by the time power and the internet came back, I was prepared to tackle my work.

Focus on the things you can control.

After you accept what you cannot control, you can focus on the things you can. For instance, I recently coached someone who was struggling to sell seats to a group coaching program via email. She was feeling like a failure and the bills were piling up.

Upon hearing this, I posed the question, "Why don't you try using email to book consults and then sell over the phone?" This, after all, would give her more control over the situation. She tried it per my suggestion and booked two new clients within a couple of weeks.

Instead of focusing on what was out of her control (whether or not someone purchased from an email link), she started focusing on what she could control (selling over the phone). The end result is she improved her business quickly.

Look for the lessons.

The final step in coming back stronger after a setback is to look for the lessons.

It's so easy for us to get overly emotional when we experience a setback. While it's important to feel our disappointment, there's a difference between feeling our feelings and wallowing. The former passes, the latter keeps you stuck.

I know I used to allow my emotions to keep me stuck in my business. I also have to coach clients through this all the time.

In my experience, the best remedy I have found is to look for the lessons without judgment so you can improve. For instance, when I failed to launch an ebook many years ago, I took the lessons with me. A couple of years later I was able to use those lessons to improve and ended up launching a book that became an Amazon bestseller.

Final Thoughts

Setbacks don't have to keep you from experiencing success. They are simply a part of the ride in business and in life. By using these tips, you can come back from a setback stronger than ever before.