#24 Alyssa Rapp


Age: 29
Location: Palo Alto, CA
2007 Revenue: $750,000
Employees: 8
Year founded: 2005
Website: www.bottlenotes.com

Bottlenotes has been called the Match.com of the wine industry -- users fill out a personal taste profile online and receive recommendations for wines that most closely match their preferences. Members can then sign up for any of the various Bottlenotes wine clubs and receive customized shipments based on their tastes. In addition to being a niche e-commerce site, members can keep track of wines they've tried and exchange reviews with other members of the Bottlenotes wine community. Earlier this year, the company also partnered with the Wedding Channel to launch the first national wine registry. Rapp, who is planning a redesign of the site, says she started Bottlenotes to dispel much of the elitism associated with the wine industry and provide a space that would cater to newcomers and wine enthusiasts alike.

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