Where Are They Now?

Despite the economic gloom and doom, the honorees on this year's 30 Under 30 list are building wildly successful ventures with the help of their peers, parents, professors, and patrons. Why enlisting these loyal tribes of support has become so important in the start-up world -- and how the smartest companies foster that same loyalty among their customers.

Scott Hill, CIK Enterprises
No. 18 (2006)

"We have 44 employees and our revenue will be right around $20 million this year. Due to falling revenue from our automotive division, Tri-Auto, the past two years have involved scaling back expenses, but at the same preparing for future success. We have developed a new technology and software called MarketVision that allows us to effectively measure foot-traffic response from all forms of advertising. You can't improve something unless you can measure it, and most retail establishments are dependent upon their advertising producing foot traffic into their store, which has always been difficult to easily measure and compare. We have been working on this for three years and it has been a big part of keeping Tri-Auto alive during these difficult times. By introducing MarketVision into our automotive advertising, we were able to almost triple response and increase the ROI for our dealer clients. We are now in the process of moving MarketVision into new retail categories beginning with the furniture industry."

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