The 2011 Honorees

99designs | Matt Mickiewicz, 27
San Francisco and Melbourne
Provides crowdsourced design services.

AdParlor | Hussein Fazal, 29; Kristaps Ronka, 24
Creates and manages ad campaigns on Facebook.

Advantage Media Group | Adam Witty, 29
Charleston, South Carolina
Publisher of business books and magazines.

AnchorFree | David Gorodyansky, 29; Eugene Malobrodsky, 29
San Francisco
Makes software that provides secure Web access and thwarts government censors.

Birchbox | Hayley Barna, 27; Katia Beauchamp, 28
New York City
Subscription service that gives members monthly deliveries of high-end beauty samples.

Drop the Chalk | Jen Schnidman Medbery, 27
New Orleans
Makes software to track student academic performance and behavior.

Dropbox | Arash Ferdowsi, 25; Drew Houston, 28
San Francisco
Provides cloud-based storage for 25 million users.

evoJets | Christopher Kelly, 28; Adriann Wanner, 28
Aspen, Colorado
On-Demand priviate jet charter service.

Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour | Sheena Lindahl, 28; Arel Moodie, 27; Michael Simmons, 29
New York City
Stages entrepreneurship conferences at colleges.

Foodspotting | Alexa Andrzejewski, 27; Soraya Darabi, 27; Ted Grubb, 28
San Francisco and New York City
A restaurant recommendation app based on social sharing of food photos.

Freshii | Matthew Corrin, 29
A soup-and-salad restaurant chain with 50 outlets worldwide.

Gemvara | Matt Lauzon , 25
Lexington, Massachusetts
An online custom-jewelry retailer.

Gianna Fair Trade | Gianna Driver, 28
San Francisco
Sells fashion and home accessories made by a worldwide network of women living in urban slums and impoverished villages.

Grasshopper | Siamak Taghaddos, 29; David Hauser, 29
Provides virtual phone systems to small businesses.

GroupMe | Jared Hecht, 24; Steve Martocci, 29
New York City
Provides group-based text-messaging services.

Hipmunk | Adam Goldstein, 23; Steve Huffman, 27
San Francisco
A clean and simple flight and hotel search site.

Ignighter | Dan Osit, 29; Kevin Owocki, 26; Adam Sachs, 28
Delhi, India, and New York  City
A group-dating website with more than 2 million users in India.

inDinero | Jessica Mah, 21; Andy Su, 20
San Francisco
Creator of online money-management tools for small businesses.

Instagram | Kevin Systrom, 27; Mike Krieger, 25
San Francisco
Photo-sharing app with sophisticated image filters.

JackThreads | Jason Ross, 30
Online members-only shopping club for men.

Nom Nom Truck | Misa Chien, 25; Jennifer Green, 27
Los Angeles
A food truck that sells Vietnamese banh-mi sandwiches.

Kairos Society | Ankur Jain, 21
Washington, D.C.
Not-for-profit organization for entrepreneurial college students.

Scvngr and LevelUp | Seth Priebatsch, 22
A location-aware app and a site that encourages loyalty to local businesses through discounts.

Onswipe | Jason Baptise, 25; Andres Barreto, 24; Mark Bao, 18
New York City
Offers a Web publishing platform that allows users to easily migrate their content to touch-enabled devices.

Quora | Adam D’Angelo, 26; Charlie Cheever, 29
San Francisco
Crowd-based question-and-answer website.

The Refine Method | Brynn Jinnett, 27
New York City
A boutique fitness studio.

Sentry Centers | Christopher Kelly, 28; Ryan Simonetti, 29
New York City
Provides conference and meeting spaces to corporate clients.

The Shirt by Rochelle Behrens | Rochelle Behrens, 28
Washington, D.C.
Designs and manufactures women's shirts with a hidden placket that eliminates gaps.

Solben | Daniel Gomez Iniguez, 20
Monterrey, Mexico
Creates alternative energy products.

Unigo | Jordan Goldman, 27
New York City
Website featuring student-generated information on hundreds of U.S. colleges and universities.