Need to get from Aspen, Colorado to Miami?  How about Los Angeles to Dubai? If you want to do it in style, the person to call is Adriann Wanner, president and co-founder of evoJets, an upstart private-jet charter company.  Wanner utilizes a pool of 7,000 aircraft from a worldwide network.  "I provide the right jet at the right time for the right price, depending on where the client is going." Jets range from the Cessna Citation Ultra that can carry up to 7 people to the Gulfstream G 550 that seat up to 22.

Wanner is a native of Aspen, and as a result no stranger to private jets. She cut her teeth as director of sales at another fractional jet service, but soon decided she could do it better on her own. "I got an inside look at the inner workings of the private jet card and fractional industries which were riddled with high fixed costs and limited in geographic scope," says Wanner.

At the age of 25, Wanner started evoJets with Christopher Kelly and an angel investment from a friend. "evoJets took off with just $50,000 invested from one of my former clients turned friend and we leveraged my close relationships to grow the business on a shoe string," says Wanner. The first client was the father of one of her friends.

Kelly reduced his role in the day-to-day operations of evoJets when he started Sentry Centers with Ryan Simonetti, another company on Inc.'s 2011 30 Under 30 list.  It's now Wanner and her iPad as she manages a mobile virtual operations hub surrounded by an offshore network that covers tracking and booking flights for clients on safety rated aircraft across the country.

Since launching in 2008 the company has grown 35 percent year over year, says Wanner. Most of the growth is organic and referral from current clients. evoJets is on track to make $1.8 million in revenue in 2011.