Make your best pitch to be on the list.

I should be on the 30 Under 30 List because I've designed a service that is aimed towards the small- and medium-sized business owners, especially in the e-commerce space. We actually created the app for our own use when we were a dog toy company, but we found that people at trade shows were more interested in the app than the toys! We saw the need in the market for an app like ours that specifically caters to small and medium-sized businesses and thus launched Lettuce. Lettuce is an inventory management program that consolidates the entire order, processing, accounting, inventory, forecasting, fulfillment and shipping process into a single click. It's taken a task that spans multiple departments and countless hours and converted the process into a matter of seconds, saving business owners money and time.

Who else thinks you're awesome?

Pure Fix Cycles; Michael Fishman, co-founder of Pura Vida; Paul Goodman, founder.

What are you passionate about other than your business?

Active lifestyles, not only for me, but also my employees. Lettuce offers weekly yoga on the beach, bike rides and other fitness activities so our employees are happy when at work. Keeping an active lifestyle is important to both me and my employees! Having a company culture that creates a positive office environment is critical to me and that's why Lettuce is dog-friendly, has a recreational area with ping pong tables and also a rooftop lounge where team members can go unwind and take a break with a panoramic view of Venice Beach.