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I should be on the 30 Under 30 List because I'm passionate about and dedicated to solving everyday problems for people with technology. SpotHero is just the beginning--there is much more to come in the near future. Jeremy Smith, co-founder of SpotHero, went from serving pizza to solving parking. While working in at a pizza shop, he accumulated thousands of dollars in parking tickets and had his vehicle towed numerous times. Jeremy decided to make parking easier by launching SpotHero. SpotHero is a website and mobile app that allows drivers to find parking in garages and lots, compare discounted rates and book a guaranteed spot in advance of arrival. The company now operates in Chicago, NYC, DC, Boston, Baltimore, Newark and Milwaukee and was recently recognized in 2013 as one the hottest startup apps in the iTunes app store. SpotHero is helping bring the 100-year old parking industry into the 21st Century, while helping make parking easier, convenient and more affordable for the daily driver.

Who else thinks you're awesome?

1871 and Techstars Chicago.

Does your company have a social mission? If so, describe it.

SpotHero is dedicated to improving parking for drivers across the U.S. Parking can be a major problem, from parking tickets, to the time to find a spot, to the high cost of garages and lots, to getting your vehicle towed. SpotHero has solved the everyday problem of parking with our mobile technology, and we're alleviating the problem for drivers. Also, SpotHero is helping to eliminate traffic congestion and pollution in cities.

What are you passionate about other than your business?

Outside of SpotHero, Jeremy is passionate about mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. He regularly meets with entrepreneurs to help them with their business model and providing them with advice on launching a company. Also, he's passionate about sports, health and fitness and food. In his rare free time, you can find Jeremy at the local CrossFit gym.